Networks Studies


a)    Network and Technical Studies

o  Interconnection of new and existing substations/power stations studies

o  Feasibility studies

o  High, Extra high and medium voltage network planning studies

o  Load forecast &development of distribution network

o  Power quality study

o  Grid impact studies for renewable energy (wind and solar energy)

o  Static studies; load flow, short circuit calculations and contingency analysis.

o  Dynamic, voltage and reactive power control, fault ride through and transient stability studies


b)     Detailed Engineering Design Services

            Primary Engineering.

o  Substation general layout &buildings drawing

o  Substation civil works guide and sizing parameters (Ex: Loads)

o  Power Transformers/Reactors/Capacitor Banks Civil work guide

o  Steel structure guide(Equipment Supports & Gantries)

o  Earthing Grid Calculation Notes and drawings & Earthing of the equipment

o  Lightning Protection Calculation Notes and drawings

o  Erection (Installation)drawings to be used by site team

o  HV/MV/LV cables routing details

o  HV Equipment Specification

o  Technical purchasing requirements with detailed BOQ &associated technical specifications for there quired material (as Cable Trays/Ladders, HV connectors .... etc.)


   Secondary Engineering

o  HV/MV Substation Single Line Diagram (S.L.D)

o  A/C – 380/220 V S.L.D.

o  D/C -220 V S.L.D.

o  D/C-48 V S.L.D.

o  Protection,Measuring & Metering principal S.L.D.

o  Interlocking principle drawings (for AIS S/S).

o  LV Power Cables Sizing Calculation Notes.

o  Batteries & Battery charges Sizing Calculation Notes.

o  Aux. Transformer Sizing Calculation Notes.

o  LV Power/Control Cables Cable Interconnection & Termination (Cable Book).

o  A/C – D/C distribution principle.

o  Technical purchasing requisitions with detailed BOQ associated

o  technical specifications for the required material (LV power and control cables, cable glands, etc.).

o  Control &Protection Panel Schematic drawings.

o  SAS drawings review and interface.

Electro mechanical

o  Substation lighting system (indoor, outdoor, emergency,  .. etc.)

o  Power sockets and small power (crane, … etc) system design.

o  Substation air conditioning & ventilation system.

o  Outdoor fire hydrant system.

o  Fire alarm &detection system.

o  Indoor firefighting system.

o  Water supply and sewage systems for substation includes indoor & outdoor design, manholes, exact root level of each pipe, water tank and sewage tank.

o  All related calculations, technical specifications and BOQ


c)     SCADA for Distribution and Regional Control Centers

  • Preparation and revision of technical specifications and financial documents
  • Preparation of technical DATA BOOK document
  • Supervision on the project execution

d)    Telecommunication and Control Systems

  • Planning
    communication network for data channel and telephone communication from substations to control centers and tele-protection for all HV feeders.
  • Planning for automation and fiberoptic solution cables and equipment.
  • Planning for VHF, UHF/GPRS solutions and broadband MESH WIMAX
  • Installation, testing and commissioning


o  Interconnection Studies

o  Feasibility Studies

o  Protection Coordination Studies

o  Network Planning

o  Network Operation Studies

o  Load Management

o  Energy Audit

o  Load Forecast & Development of Distribution Network

o  Evaluation & Reduction Method for

   Technical &Non-Technical losses in Distribution Network

o  Power Quality Study

o  Energy Efficiency

o  Protection Coordination Studies for DistributionNetwork

o  Electro Magnetic Effect on Pipelines

o  Outages & Interruption Studies for DistributionNetwork

o  Renewable Energy

     o   Other Studies

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