Our Culture

Friendly, Open And Professional

At EPS we believe in an open environment where ideas are listened to, communications are two way and confidence is built through providing the right support and recognizing achievement. We’re comfortable challenging each other in a constructive way to improve our performance, develop new ways of working and push us towards operational excellence. 

Team work is at the heart of our success and we appreciate the importance of continually moving forward together. You won’t find rigid organizational structures here. Instead you’ll find a friendly and professional culture that empowers and values people, rewards talent and encourages creativity, innovation and team spirit. Put simply, we believe in providing the training, support and opportunities our people need to perform at their best.

Health & Safety

Passionate about actively promoting a positive health safety culture based on fairness, trust and co-operation, we encourage everyone to keep alert and to report any health safety concerns in a prompt and confidential manner.