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EPS is a consulting and engineering company established in 1982 specialized in Electric Power Systems & Information technology. 

Our services expand locally and regional.

We are a Joint-Stock company, the majority of its shareholders are the affiliated companies to the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy.


إسناد الإشراف للشركة على تنفيذ محطة محولات الحوامدية بقيمة 2 مليون و500 الف جنيه
الأعمال الإستشاريه والإشراف على تنفيذ مشروع محطة محولات زهراء المعادى جهد 220/500 ك.ف
مشروع تحسين كفاءة شبكات التوزيع
Invitation for Bids - Arab Republic of Egypt South Helwan Power Plant Zahraa El-Maadi Substation Overhead Transmission Lines Interconnection To 500 kV. Grid
التغذية الكهربائية لمشروعى _ بروة ودماك
Energization of 132/33 kV Ghoubrah Grid Station in Oman
EPS business growth in Saudi Arabia and Oman

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EPS Annual Report

Take alook and view EPS Annual Report.

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EPS Training catalogue

Our Expert Teams are on The Lead at Technical & Electrical Training.

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EPS Company is recognized as a Consulting Firm by multiple agencies.


About Us

EPS is a Joint-Stock Egyptian company established in 1982 Specialized in carrying out consulting, engineering services and Software Development in the field of Electric Power Systems and Information technology.

EPS is ISO 9001 certified since 2001

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  • Address: 7 Misr LelTaameir Buildings, 8th Zone, St. No. 9, Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo
  • Phone: +20 (2) 2266-1852, +20 (2) 22669414/24/27/37
  • Fax: +20 (2) 2266-1810
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